Full Version: snails, adriatic sea
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well, nr 1 and nr 2 I agree, nr 3 should e cerithium alucaster even in very bad conditions, nr 4 muricopsis cristatus, nr 5 a very interesting form of nassarius nitidus ( similar form I found in northern sardinia island), nr 6 seems to be again muricopsis cristatus, nr 7 nassarius nitidus ordinary form, nr 8 the current name is cerithium vulgatum.
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Quote:5 a very interesting form of nassarius nitidus

can you please confirm then that these are both  realy n. nitidus ? :

They do look much different.
yes it is even looks like nassarius reticulatus which any way doesn't live in Adriatic sea.
by the way similar morph , as I said already, could be found in north of sardinia ( let's say olbia).