Full Version: Unknown shell - help wanted
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This shell is puzzling me for some time. It is from an old collection, without finding data. I don't now in what family it belongs, looked in very much books and on very much sites with pictures, but without result.
- No columellar plicae ( wich sorts out many possibilities, f.i. vexillum)
- No labial teeth
- Protoconch domeshaped and involved (possibly heterostrofe)
- Sculpture as in some lyria-shells (volutidae)
Is this a buccinid, a fasciolariid, a volutid, or possibly a pyramidellid? I don't know.
Jan Delsing
Quite similar to Cominella tasmanica, but can't say for sure.
Hello Paul,
Thanks a lot. I made a comparance with other pictures and its very much alike. The old collection has more shells from southern australia, so this is also fitting.
The only Cominella which is a possibility is Cominella eburnea from New South Wales, but this has red blotches (mostly) and the grooves are less deep.
I overlooked the Cominella genus, because its now placed in the familiy buccinulidae, previous a subfamily of buccinidae.
Thanks, you helped a lot.