Full Version: Another Red Sea Shell
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This shell was collected from dredged material taken from the Red Sea at Jizan, Saudi Arabia.
Please identify.
I am far away being a specialist of your area, but I would start with the Buccinidae.
This is an immature Cymatium, but I'm having a hard time matching it to any species of that geographic area. Are you sure of the locality?
Thank you BajaBeach and Paul for your replies.
This was definitely found by me on the Red Sea coast in 1979.
Hello Buddym,
A very late reply on this rannelid shell. This is in my opinion a juvenil of Ranularia trilineata ( ). I'm sure this is found in the Red Sea area, for instance in Eilat Israel (Aqaba Gulf). If you look at the pictures on Hardy's site please compare with the first shell. That is adult, so the radial grooves on the whorls are better visible. The species has much variation. My own exemplar I placed on Biolib ( looks more like the second of Hardy, but is also from the Red Sea.
Jan Delsing

P.S. Biolib is a Czech website, for which I maintain the molluscs. A lot of shells of my own collection are photographed and placed there.
Thank you, jandelsing, most helpful.