Full Version: upload photo
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i made a photo of the cypreas l would like to identify with my lpad.
I do not know how to upload said photo to be uploaded to this forum
could you pls. help?
When you start a new thread, you will see, near the bottom of the page, the title ,'New Attachment'.
Click/touch on the 'Browse' button and find your photo and double click/touch on its thumbnail.
The photo's name should appear next to the 'Browse' button.
Then click/touch on the 'Add Attachment' button.
The photo must be no more than 500 kilobytes in size.
You can repeat this process to add more photos before previewing and sending your post.
Resizing. Never was a fan of that. I am about to use an image hosting site and just add the links. Sites like this are not easy.

What is wrong with resizing a copy, leaving the original image intact?