Full Version: Kindly help ID unusual tower shell
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Thank you for helping to identify this tower --Turritellidae--shell.
THe top whorl has vertical stripes but all the other whorls have horizontal stripes.
I can not find any identification/pictures of a shell that has this unusual vertical stripes on top whorl.
(The shell is glued in a frame.)
Thank you for your time.
This is Turritella terebra.
Thank you for taking the time to ID this shell. I appreciate it.
Thank you for taking the time to read this reply:
Could you kindly tell me if the vertical stripes on the top whorl are unusual. WHen I look at pictures of Turritella terebra shells, all the whorls have the stripes going circular horizontal.
Thank you for your time,
Some juveniles have elongate ridges (called striae) on the early whorls. When the shell was only an inch or so in length, the striae ran the full length of the shell, but as it continued to increase in size the striae become less pronounced, and then disappear completely. I believe this is connected to geographic location. I have noticed such early striae on some shells from India but not on shells from Taiwan or the Philippines.
Thank you for taking the time to explain this. It is very interesting to learn how the striae disappear as it grows.
Thanks again,