Full Version: More shells for ID
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These shells appear to be the same species, but what are they?
I can't remember how they came into my possession.
These appear to be badly beachworn Nassarius shells. If you know where they were collected I might be able to narrow it down to species.
Thank you for your reply,Paul. I too thought they might be Nassarius.
I think that they came from the Red Sea among other shells I collected from dredged material at Jizan, Saudi Arabia.
There are two European Nassarius that reach this size, are strongly sculptured, and are (sometimes) darkly colored - Nassarius cuvieri and Nassarius reticulatus. However I don't know if either of them reaches the Red Sea.
Thank you for your help, Paul.
I have searched Red Sea Nassarius species and Nassarius castus comes nearest in size and appearance to these shells.