Full Version: Shells ID/Specimen quality?
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Thank you for taking the time to read my query. These pictures are of 6 frames filled with seashells. The main reason I want to ID them is to figure out if they are valuable specimens or just worth several dollars or so. My understanding is that only specimen level shells have value. I also am not sure if gluing the shells on the mat ruined the shells (less value) or having in them in the frame makes them more valuable.

Here is my best guess for my posted pics. I am a new at this!
Pic 1. 6 inches tower screw shell but the top whorl has vertical stripes and can not find a shell in this family that has this.
Pic 2.75 inches; harpa major
Pic 3 large shell: Lobatus raninus/hawk wing conch and two small shells strombus urceus
4. shell in corners jewel box . and shell in middle =type of murex?
5. last picture olive shells/Olividae

Because only 5 photos can be attached, the next post is the remaining 3 photos.

I appreciate your time in helping me.
Here are some better quality photos of the tower shell with its vertical stripes and and some closeups the frame with 7 shells. I think there is a murex in the middle.
Thanks again for your help
(based on the second set of pictures)
Picture 1: upper left corner: Chione latilirata; other 3 corners: Arcinella cornuta; L and R edges: Lopha frons with tube worms attached; center: Murex (Chicoreus) florifer
Picture 2: top: Arcinella cornuta; bottom: Lopha frons with tube worms attached
Picture 3: top: Chione latilirata; bottom: Lopha frons with tube worms attached
Picture 4: Murex (Chicoreus) florifer
Picture 5: Turritella terebra
Thank you very much for taking the time to identify all these shells. I look forward to
looking them up and learning about them.