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What do I have? I have tried to compare what I have to many pics throughout the web, and this site but can't seem to figure these out. I am not that well versed in shell identification to begin with. I have a feeling they have no value but it would start my education on here. Thanks.
I am usually fairly proficient with posting pics but am not sure how the image loader link below
This is the Arabian Tibia shell, scientific name Tibia insulaechorab, from the northern Indian Ocean. There are half a dozen other species of Tibia. You can find pictures of them by searching "tibia shells".
Much appreciated. Being a junk shop digger they were in a bag with a very nice native american clay polychrome flute. I doubt I would have bought the bag without the flute. But thanks again. I am always looking for rocks, fossils, minerals, shells, and things made from these materials from cultures throughout the world.