Full Version: Help needed for identify 6 specimens (5 of 6)
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I will appreciate if anybody can help me identifying 6 specimens I just bought. I require the scientific name and the family is possible. Thanks so much for your help in advance. Ignacio March, Mexico City.
Hello Ignacio,

It could be a Solenosteira, from the Buccinidae family. It deffinetely looks like a Buccinum to me. What are your thoughts?

Best wishes,

Hello Ignacio,
I think this shell is in TROPHONINAE a subfamily in MURICIDAE family, it is so difficult to identify it in that tiny picture.if you could make another picture or transfer it to any free hosting photo sites (like flcker or badongo) that would be great for all of us that would want to help you,...

- For sir Paul : I didnt also see a picture at first, but when i log in, it just started to appear.
Looks like a Forreria belcheri (Muricidae) to me....

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