Full Version: Byne's Disease from storage method of shells
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I just read about Byne's disease and wondered is Byne's disease something that can affect people if they breath in vapors or touch these salts?

<> "Bynesian decay is a form of efflorescence of salts formed by the reaction of acidic vapors with the basic shell surface."..."Bynesian decay usually starts when specimens are stored or displayed for considerable periods of time in an enclosed space. The storage method itself usually causes this problem, when containers, cabinets or display cases are entirely or partially made of wood, plywood or other wood products such as Masonite, or when the specimens are surrounded by, or in contact with, various other kinds of materials that are cellulose-based and can turn water vapor acidic.[7][8]
No, this is not anything that can affect humans or animals. In fact, it is rather imaginative to refer to this problem as a "disease". It is simply a chemical reaction between acid vapors released from some wood products, and the calcium carbonate of the shells. It can cause the shells to become somewhat dull over a long period of time, or in extreme cases, to develop a fine dust-like residue. If you want to see a greatly accelerated example of this reaction, drop a shell you don't need into vinegar.
Thank you for clarifying that. I appreciate your time.