Full Version: 3 Juvenilce conus from Philippines
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Good day Collectors Smile

I have three unidentified juvenile conus here are their photos:

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at different angles, all of them are from Davao City, Philippines, beached and sizes are from L-R ( 22mm, 23mm, 20mm)
I hope anyone could help me identify them, thanks Big Grin

Sincerely, EJ LU
Hi there,
Your shell seems really a juvenile specie, as i looked at it, here's what i think,

First, the features is like a juvenile Vitoliconus striatellus (no stain on the aperture).But im not sure.
Second, the encircled rows of brown and white dashes seen on your shell is a character of Pionoconus achatinus.
Third, a juvenile Pionoconus magus.

Well this is just my finding, i might be wrong but this is what the best i can figure on your photos.

Smile Thank you so much! Smile Finally, someone who replied, i was getting a bit worried that my photos weren't that clear, i only used my phone to take those shots, thanks so much Diocris Smile
The first one seems not a juvenile in my opinion. I believe it is the rivularius form of Conus boeticus. The second one is a difficult shell to ID. We could deal with Conus striolatus f. decurtata. The third one is Conus magus or maybe Conus consors.
Smile Thank you Paul Smile I guess these shells are quite difficult to identify, thanks a bunch for helping me Big Grin