Full Version: TROCHIDAE'S to id please
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Hello collectors,
                        This are some trochidae's need some id. From Philippines

#1.    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 605170022/</a><!-- m -->
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#1 I would say was a tiny baby Turbinidae rather than Trochidae. #2 I have no idea and #3 is Tectus fenestratus.
If I can just make a couple of points: 1/ it makes life a lot easier if you photograph your shells in better light, #1 is a very dark image, and 2/ Can I suggest you use a plain background when you photograph them, sometimes it is hard to pick out detail amongst a colourful background. Plain grey is probably the best.
These are just a couple of suggestions to make identification easier for us, it is not intended as any kind of criticism.
Hi Dave,
Thank you for your criticism it helps me to correct some of my poor perceptions and sorry for the poor photos, here are a new photos of the 1 i post.
new link :
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hello there,

i think # 3 is a calliostoma specie. but i dont know the name, the nearest i can guess is calliostoma ticaonicum. any suggestion collectors, if i guess it correctly?

kind regards,
#3 is not a Calliostoma species, it has a 'tooth' on the columnella which Calliostoma never has. I still say it is a baby Tectus fenestratus.
pardon me sir Dave, number error. i was referring to #2 as calliostoma sp not the #3 in which i consider you identified it correctly. my mistake in typing error  :-[

sorry again,
#2 still has the columellar tooth, but it is too small to say really. it is a juvenile perhaps?