Full Version: trochidae specie
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Hello there,
this is a beach shell found in Philippines, Size is 16 mm. i havent seen the features of this in any sight i've search, could you help me id this and am i correct on the family ( trochidae ) ?

here is the link :    <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 540242282/</a><!-- m -->

kind regard,
Hello Diocris,

Good day! This shells belongs to TURBINOIDEA under LIOTIIDAE, this one is not in Trochidae  Wink

This small shell could be a Liotinaria  scalaroides (Reeve, 1843)..  Smile

Hello Raffy,
Many thanks for family correction and in identifying the specie. i thought it was in trochidae that is why i cannot find it, i was looking at the wrong family.

thanks again,