Full Version: Unknown Neritidae
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Hello everybody,

Here is another nerita, 30 mm. Does anyone know what it is or where it might be from?
Thanks, Emma.

[Image: P8270659.JPG]

[Image: P8270660.JPG]
Looks like " Nerita incurva " to me. From east africa
Thank you for your input, it is proving very difficult to classify, and I thought that beacause it is a big specimen it would be easier to name. It does look like incurva, but I don't think the mouth is quite right, I am still unsure.
Looks like undata to me Emma, but again another group of Neritidae that is in a mess.
That is certainly nerita undata. that specie is very common here in the Philippines.

Thanks Dave and Diocris!
Several less common species resemble Nerita undata.  N. undata has a taller spire and finer sculpture than this specimen, and does not have the ridges crossing the columellar shield, which is the best identifying feature of this shell.  I believe this is Nerita spengleriana.
Thanks Paul, it is a rather big and bulbose specimen, bigger than the other one I'd photographed and which fellow members had identified as N. undata. I'll take your suggestion as the valid one, then.

Best wishes,