Full Version: Unknown Neritidae and Naticidae
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Hello everybody,

Here are some pictures of Neritidae and Naticidae. I can only offer the size, so if anyone knows of an approximate locality, that would be of great help too.

First: 17'5 mm.

[Image: P8270669.JPG]

[Image: P8270668.JPG]

[Image: P8270667.JPG]

Second: 19.1 mm

[Image: P8270661.JPG]

[Image: P8270662.JPG]

Third: 25 mm

[Image: P8270663.JPG]

[Image: P8270664.JPG]

Fourth: 22 mm

[Image: P8270665.JPG]

[Image: P8270666.JPG]

Fifth: 30 mm

[Image: P8270659.JPG]

[Image: P8270660.JPG]

Best wishes,

Hi Emma!
Some suggestions:
First: should be Natica tigrina (Röding, 1798), Southeast-Asia
Second: might be Neritina coromandeliana Sowerby, 1836, Southeast-Asia
Third: should be Nerita albicilla Linnaeus, 1758, Southeast-Asia.
So far for today  Wink,
best wishes: wolf
I agree with the above, and #4 is Nerita signata.
Thanks Paul and Wolf!!

Best wishes,

        Second can bee : Neritina (Vittina) turrita
Not turrita, the spire is not high enough. This group of Neritidae is in a terrible mess with species being misnamed all over the place, personally I would say it was Neritina gagates but coromandeliana is as good as name as any.
My input:
#3 is albicilla (also very common in western indian ocean)
I have a few similar Neritina as #2 from Mauritius. I identified them as gagates aswell.
#5 is perhaps Nerita undata Linne 1758 (indopacific).
Thanks Pierre!!

Best wishes,