Full Version: Shelling adventure of a lifetime suggestions?
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Hi all! I am new to this forum. Who has recommendations for the best shelling trip EVER?  I have some time and money and want to plan it! Maldives? Philippines? Where shall I go??!! Thanks-
Maybe you should consider to visit Indonesia.
Indonesia's size, tropical climate, and archipelagic geography, support the world's second highest level of biodiversity (after Brazil). Indonesia's 80,000 kilometers (50,000 mi) of coastline are surrounded by tropical seas that contribute to the country's high level of biodiversity.
I agree with Brambio; several friends of mine visited Indonesia and did some serious collecting at Flores, Java, even at the touristic Bali. The Mentawei Islands are very interesting too.
However, in Indonesia things can change rapidly (concerning laws etc.)
My favourite would be any of the little known Pacific islands and Atolls, they would be great as many have never been collected on so you never know what you will find.  The usual places like Maldives etc. have been done to death, everyone knows what is there and what to expect. Much better to explore somewhere that nobody has collected in before and make amazing discoveries, maybe even find new species.
I may suggest some small islands in the Philippine (visayan sea) there are a lot of areas there to explore some are not yet been really known to collectors. Almost 80% of my collections are found in one small islet. specially the small species. How much more if you go to other small island. And for the rules or laws there are no hard rules for seashells exept in some turbans and tridacnas.
Hi Diocriss,
How can i reach these islets ?
By plain to Cebu City, and then ?
I imagine with boat to,.... i dont know where,.... to find a fisherman with a dug-out ?
Can i find villages, like in India, with shellfishermans, and buy shells ?
Of course im a diver and like snorkeling.

thx for info in advance
Hi there,
          There are lots of domestic plane going to Visayan regions,Cebu is the place where lots of shelling folks deliver their harvest seashells and other marine fauna, that is why it is very well known to lots of collectors... going there to buy in lots. But the truth is,it came from other island.
        Going to islet to islet you need to find a big motorboat with a good experienced boatman and fisherman,
        Lots of islands have some cottages for a guest, so theres no problem if you stay as long as you wish. If you want to collect seashells personally, you had to do this thing, but if you just want to buy.... Cebu is the best place in the Philippines.But i suggest you collect it personally. (It is more expensive but satisfaction guarrantee !!.)  :-X Wink

Happy shelling,
Thank you Diocris,

I plan a trip to Sri-Lanka in February 2012. But maybe i change my mind and fly a little more far to your place.
They say on web, at this season are less rain. Have 3 month to dicide .
Thx for help, information & incentive.

happy shelling
That is the very best month to go diving and snorkeling here in the Philippines, the calmest month on the sea, most of the time the water is very much clear. as to my experienced i found lots of good and uncommon species on that month.
Good luck to your plans and happy shelling !!

Sri Lanka is far less explored shell wise than the Philippines. It also has an endemic form of Lambis chiragra with a black mouth.
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