Full Version: STARFISH ID
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Hello these starfish were purchased in Spain but I don´t know the procedence. ¿Anyone know the species?

20cm long, (the color can be false)

[Image: rgh1314094904z.JPG]

[Image: jdv1314095057p.JPG]

11cm long

[Image: bfi1314095091m.JPG]

[Image: arx1314095108q.JPG]

[Image: jdv1314095122u.JPG]
May be a Pentaceraster obtusatus and a Protoreaster nodosus?
I think the colour is real, they normally dye the first one pictured pink or red.
If you live near Barcelona, in Lloid minerals, (C/ Girona, 27), the dealer will be able to help you with identification, as he also sells erchins, coral and starfish and has a knowledge of their classes, types and scientific names. I'm sorry I can't help you any further.

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