Full Version: ¿PECTEN MAXIMUS?
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Hello, this is a discolored shell of a edible bivalve of the north Atlantic coast of Spain. Is this Pecten maximus?


[Image: bfi1314008758a.JPG]

[Image: cqs1314008775a.JPG]
It looks like Pecten maximus, but I could be wrong, it might be Pecten jacobeus. They are very similar, but one is wider than the other. How big is your specimen?
I would also go for P. maximus.
P. jacobaeus is more from inside Mediterranean and the shell edge is more crenellated.
Yes, I agree; I consulted a shell encyclopaedia last night to check, and it is deffinetely P. maximus.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation. The shell sizes are 11,5 cm wide x 11cm tall.

Best regards.