Full Version: From Mauritius
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I have these recent shells from Mauritius (Indian Ocean) collected dead between -20  and -30m.
Family is ok, but I need help to identify them.

[Image: 20911.JPG]
[1] A small mitridae - 15 mm

[Image: 20929.JPG]
[2] An unusal cone, fresh dead - 47 mm

[Image: 20937.JPG]
[3] Looks to be a large Trapeziidae - length 80mm.

Hi conchylinet,

your mitridae is very nice and the picture too, but I find it very confusing on comparing to other miters because this one is a juvenile but by looking at feature(the texture of the body, the color and the spire) there is one specie that comes in my mind that resembles it, It could be a juvenile Mitra (Mitra) nubila (Gmelin, 1791), I hope so..

hi Raffy, thank you for that input. I wish I can collect more adult specimen of that specie later on.
Hi Pierre!

The third shell looks to me to be Trapezium gilvun.

Best wishes,

Thanks Emma, the id fits. I already have obserded that specie but it had not quite the same shape and was smaller. Pierre.