Full Version: cerithiidae new specie ?
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Hello there!
                This cerith is from Philippines. is this a new specie, if not can you identify this neptune head like cerith specie ?
                Here is the link :

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"> ... 315/&nbsp;</a><!-- m -->     size : 28 mm.

Extremely worn Cerithium dialeucum.
Hello Dave,
              i think cerithium dialeucum is not what my specie looks like. i search the name you gave and this is what i saw.
              Here is the link :

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              this one species more looks like the one ive post except the coloration is obviously different
here is the link :

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Your opinion please.
The problem is is it too worn to give a positive identification. When shells get as worn as this the colours often change completely, that is why I thought dialeucum. Look at the bottom specimen on The Clypeomorus would not have such strong ribbing to me.
Hello dave,
                this are the new picture of the cerith specie that i post, cause i think this is not extremely worn as you describe it.
                in different angles :

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          - Diocris,