Full Version: Help Naming These Shells
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If anyone has the time to help me identify the attaches shells, it would be appreciated.

Hi Ross,
here some suggestions / hypotheses:
#1: Cymbiola nobilis
#2: Conus striatus (?)
#3: Scaphella junonia
#4: Conus spec.
#5: Cypraecassis rufa
#6: Melongena melongena
#7: Talparia spec. (might be T. talpa?)
#8: Chicoreus spec. (might be Ch. ramosus??)
#9: Oxymeris maculata (destroyed)
#10: Conus spec.
#11: Cypraeidae
#12: Cypraeidae
#13: Cypraeidae
#14: Cypraea tigris
Just some guesses, kind regards: wolf
thank you so much for the help!
I do have 1 question... what do you mean by destroyed?
Oxymeris maculata (destroyed)
Hi Ross,
in #9 all whorls have been opened artificially.
Kind regards: wolf
Perhaps I can add a few ...

4 Conus litteratus
7 confirm Cypraea (Talparia) talpa
8 confirm Murex (Chicoreus) ramosus
10 Oliva porphyria
11-12 either Cypraea zebra or Cypraea cervinetta. If the spots on the sides are clear white like the spots on top, it is cervinetta. If they have dark centers, causing them to appear ring-shaped, it is zebra.
13 This also a Cypraea cervinetta or zebra, but immature, has not yet developed the spotted adult pattern.