Full Version: Newbie Wanting to Know Where to Start
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Hi Beachcombers!
I am brand spanking new to collecting sea shells. I am putting together a library for my descendants as part of my heritage and in it I would like to create a sort of starter kit for sea shells. One goal of the library is to get my grandchildren and their grandchildren interested in STEM subjects.

If I had to live my life all over again (I'm 62 now) I would want to become a marine biologist or something in that area of study. I love scuba diving. I have only been down enough to get certified. (I was certifiable long before that. Smile
Sorry I just had to.

Anyway I live in Arizona and because of my illness I can't travel. My goal is to collect a fairly wide variety of shells and put them into a display box. Then take photos of them and using Photoshop organize them and put information below each shell to make a 2x3 ft. poster that can go on the wall of any of my descendants that would like that.

The collection will be intentionally incomplete with dotted lines in the shape of missing shells with their names to encourage one or more of them to continue working on the collection hoping that they might one day become oceanographers and solve the Climate Crisis! (Well, I can dream, can't I)

Anyway, just to let you know I am sensitive to profanity and bullying so please be nice to me if you want me to stay. I thank you ahead of time for any assistance you can give me.


Grandpa Patrick
Greetings from one grandpa to another. Please see my response to your other post.

Paul Monfils
Greeeting and welcome to the forum sir.
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