Full Version: Shell Identification
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Can anyone help to identify the shell in the attached image?
Looks like:  Vexillum ( Costellaria ) exasperatum  ( A. Adams, 1853 )
Range:        Indo-Pacific
                      Vexillum ( Costellaria ) sanguisuga ( Linné 1758 )   juvenil.

[Image: c33b4974207fd201b77097990fa66baa.bmp]
Far left - may be a juvenile Vexillum plicarium
Bottom - Vexillum gruneri
Center, with hole in spire - Vexillum granosum
Far right - may be Columbella scripta - not a good angle for ID though

Originally, the images in Roxanne's four posts were not visible, at least to me.  Now the image is visible in this post but not in the other three.  However, the image here is within helmetapointe's reply, not within the original question.  Can anyone shed some light on this?
At work, with firewal, cant see neither.