Full Version: Large Shell Collection for Sell
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Good Day all,

Forgive me if I am doing this incorrectly..I have never been on a forum hopefully I am doing it right.

My husband and I inherited a large Shell Collection from my Father-in-law. It was accumulated thru the 70's and 80's. He would order and buy them from all over the world and they are quite beautiful. We are looking to relocate/downsize and are looking for a buyer. It's all in great order with papers and dates. Would any one be interested? We are located in the United States. Thank You!

I am a shell importer and dealer located in the NE United States. (I am also one of the moderators of this website.) I have been buying and selling collector shells for nearly 50 years. Actually, I have not purchased any additional shells in the past few years, as I intend to gradually deplete my current stock of several thousand shells. But I thought there is no harm in inquiring. What is the approximate number of shells you have? I ask because some people consider 100 shells a "large collection", while other collections include a thousand shells or more. Also, in what part of the United States are you located? I ask because shipping a large number of fragile shells can be a very difficult and expensive project.

Paul Monfils