Full Version: More From Mexico
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Hoping for some assistance in identifying these specimens. Thanks again.
First and last specimens have been identified, leaving the one in the middle. Another source thinks it's a Virgin Nerite. Does anyone agree and if not, what do think it could be? Thx
Hi JeffD,
we talked about #2 elsewhere....... ;-)
#3: Neritidae, without doubt, but I don't think it's Neritina virginea, because N. virginea has very small teeth and in your specimen the teeth are too large. Should be a juvenile specimen of a larger species. Sorry to say, but for a valid determination we need more and better pictures taken at different angles.
Kind regards: wolf
Yes we did...Smile
Any thoughts about it being Echinolittorina interrupta, as had been speculated previous? To me, the teeth are a dead giveaway, that it is a Nerite....
Hi JeffD,
#2: sorry, for me it's very difficult to decide which Echinolittorina species it might be.
#3: true enough, it's Neritina, but which species?
Take care: wolf
As always Wolf, I am greatly appreciative...Thx.