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My name is Chris, and I found this site while trying to get some information on some shells I inherited from my Mom when she passed in 2007.

I collect numismatics, US & French medals, casino chips and shotglasses, but I know absolutely nothing about seashells, so don't be too hard on me if I don't use the correct terminology.

I seem to be having a problem posting photos, which is surprising because this site uses the same protocol as one of my coin forums. I don't use a hosting service, nor do I have a website. Instead, all of my photos are stored on my computer using a program called ACDSee. I checked your FAQ's, but this isn't addressed in them. Have I overlooked something?


Hello? Anybody here?

You can post photo in site (limited in weight) or link of photo (to other site)
ex: [Image: imgdroite079.jpg]
exemple attach:
I tried using "Attachments and other options" and then browse the files on my computer just like I do on another site that uses this same protocol, but it doesn't want to work. I can select the photo, and it lists it, but it won't post it.

Let's see if it works now.


Now it works. I had to resize it.

I'd like to get some information on this tulip (?) It is about 6-7/8" long, and about 30 years ago, a college professor told my Mom that the largest one known at that time was 7-1/4". I'd like to know if there is any truth to this and what value could this shell have.


good neews it work
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Laurent, website admin
Thanks, Laurent!

Do you think anyone here can tell me anything about this shell? Actually, it's fossillized, and there is no telling how many millennia it was buried here in Southwest Florida. The city where I live was a planned-development community in the 60's, and the developers were still digging some of the 400 milles of canals into the early 80's. Of course, millions of years ago, Florida was at the bottom of the sea.

I contact David , to view your post. (i admin the site)
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