Full Version: Finds in Cuba
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Here are two shells found in a tidal zone at Jibacoa, Cuba. I would be grateful if anyone could venture a guess as to what each may be.
Hi Jeff,
## 4 and 5 are terrestrial (!) Cerionidae, genus Cerion (see C. chrysallis, gundlachi, infandum or another species of this genus).
Kind regards: wolf
Wow, I wasn't expecting that....can't thank you enough Wolf. Always learning Wink
You're welcome......... :-) wolf
Hi Jeff,
## 1 to 3 should be Littorinidae, genus Echinolittorina, probably E. angustior or E. ziczac. Perhaps you can compare your specimen with pictures in the www.
Have a good time: wolf
Hi Wolf. I had already did some searching and concluded that it was E. ziczac. Your post confirmed it for me, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks again!