Full Version: looking to trade shells from Sanibel......
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Common seashells from Sanibel, and Marco Island all cleaned, oiled and ready to trade for your common shells. No dealers please, Just collectors looking to trade their repeats for mine. <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Hi Dora,

Greetings from another Sanibel Island enthusiast. What do you have? Are they beach collected or did you dive for any of them? Can't wait to get back down there this May!
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i will by happy to exchang seashells with you
i offer seashells from the red can see my site
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Hi Koko!! (and everyone else)!!! Yes I would love to trade and my e-mail is in my 1st postings. I find more repeats everyday after straightening out more of my drawers....only one or of those species to trade though. My 2nd official trade worked out very well and now am ready for another trade!!! Hoping to hear from anyone truly interested real soon!!<img src="images/smiley/wink.gif" alt="" border="0" />)  Take care!! Dora
Hi koko16 !!! Still hoping to hear from collection grows on a regular basis as well as the repeat species I have to trade. Don't worry about your english.......when it comes to shells having a universal latin name that makes it easy. If you'd still like to trade I'd love to hear from you!!<img src="images/smiley/wink.gif" alt="" border="0" />)     Dora
Hello Dora, I´d like trading shells with you. I can offer shells from Andalusian Coast (Spain) most of them shell-collected. I have just started to trade and I hope I can offer something interesting to you.

I´d be grateful to you if you answer me by mail to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->