Full Version: Set of 28 cypraea high quality specimens
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You will get 28 high quality specimens, individually wrapped and labelled.

lutea 13mm
eglantina 41mm
fimbriata 14mm
bistrinotata 17mm
caputserpentis 30mm
labrolineata 16mm
calpurnus verricusos 29mm
cicercula 18mm
asellus 18mm
pyriformis 26mm
terres 27mm
isabella 27mm
carneola 30mm
onyx 35mm
vitelus 50mm
helvola 24mm
mappa giant 78mm
mauritania 60mm
tigris giant 85mm
talpa 50mm
macuferla 42mm
arabica 36mm
caurica africanus 35mm
palidula 20mm
cylindrica 28mm
limacina 20mm
staphylea 20mm