Full Version: Identification please!
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Hi to everyone!

We have this other shell at home... Could you please help us identificating it?

Thank you very much!!

Tony & Elena

PS: The rule is metric, so you can see centimeters not inches!

1 cm = 0,39 inches
This is a "keyhole limpet", in the family Fissurellidae.  There are similar species from different parts of the world.  Do you know where this one was collected?
Unfortunately my wife does not remember where she collected this shell. Anyway she says that it wasn't in AustraliaTongue. She travelled a lot years ago, the possibilities are Guatemala, Chile, Brazil or El Salvador. Although we live in Spain, western Mediterranean.

What about this one?

Thank you very much in advance.

Tony & Elena.
Yes, given the possible localities and the relatively large size (some similar species are much smaller), Fissurella nimbosa would seem the most likely species.  This would rule out El Salvador and Chile as possible sources since this is a Caribbean species.