Full Version: Umbonium species help
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What do you think, all of them are U. vestiarium?

1-1,5 cm

[Image: Umbonium1-15cmA_zps4a5450bf.jpg]

[Image: Umbonium1-15cmB_zps124b1539.jpg]

0,6-1 cm

[Image: Umbonium06-1cmA_zps95422a92.jpg]

[Image: Umbonium06-1cmB_zps3b1f564e.jpg]

Thank you,
My first impulse was to say "yes", these are all Umbonium vestiarium.  The problem is "Umbonium elegans".  Both of these "species" are from the same localities, are the same size and shape, and both have an enormous variety of colors and patterns, some of which appear identical. I do not know the basis for the separation into two species. If someone knows this, please post it here. By clicking on the appropriate pictures on this page, you can see many of the colors and patterns of both "Umbonium vestiarium" and "Umbonium elegans":

Incidentally, I have always spelled "vestiarium" just as you spelled it, but Poppe, both on his website and in his book, spells it without the first "i" - "vestarium". He is usually very precise about such things, so I am not certain which is the correct spelling.