Full Version: Rare Sea Shell - Please help with Identification
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I have recently found a pretty unique sea shell. I was told that this sea shell has some unique properties and value.

We inserted the sea shell into an empty bucket we then poured rice over the sea shell and waited. The sea shell without any external force made its way to the top of the bucket.

I would like some help in identifying this sea shell and ascertaining its properties and value.

Look forward to your responses.

Warm Regards

Abishek Thomas
Bangalore - India

The first picture looks like it could be a sinistral, or "left-handed" specimen of Turbinella pyrum, the Great Indian Chank or "Sacred Chank" shell, which means the shell spirals in the opposite direction from normal shells of the same species.  If so, it is quite rare, and could bring a good price if it is in good condition.  I can't tell much about the condition from this picture. It looks pretty worn from what I can see, but a lengthwise view of the top and bottom of the shell would provide the most information.

Here is a picture of a sinistral specimen and normal specimen of Turbinella pyrum: