Full Version: Large Specimen Shell, Coral & Sealife Exhibit For Sale
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[attachment=294]I have the largest privately owned sea shell, coral and sealife exhibit in the United States for Sale. The collections comes with 3 custom made large display cases. I have over 30 pics of the entire collection which also includes a mini shell collection.  I have included a pic of the display case and one of three pics of just the mini shell collection. These shells come from all over the world and from all bodies of water. Will sell for $35,000 or will pay 10% commission for the sale of the same. Bruce Tarbell. Tel. Nr. 13864279843.
Thats a large claim to make, considering you probably do not know all the private collectors in the USA. For example, I know a man in California who has over 100,000 specimens. You need to give more information and clear photos. Its impossible for anyone to tell the value with what you have given. Families, sizes, etc.