Full Version: new website!
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we are building up selections of seashells from the philippines!
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Still way too expensive. Check out other dealers as I and others have suggested, then you will see more realistic prices. No-one is going to buy anything at the prices you are charging at the moment. Sorry my friend.
update our prices, still working on adding inventory, take a look now!

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Nice one Wendell, the site is looking good1 Glad you have sensible prices now, very good. You just need to get your identification correct now, still a few glitches there. Your Conus aulicus are all Conus textile for example.
Good luck with your business,
ok, im learning everyday, try to identify myself so i learn all the names.
thanx for tip on the conus, ill correct it.

ive updated our website with new shells! <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->