Full Version: i need help identifying what looks like a sand dollar but isnt plz help
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ive tried to figure this one out for a while its driving me nuts. lol
I see what ur saying about sharl vertebrae but still not sure.
what also puzzles me is the lines which are like deep grooves in the top.
and the dark ring on the bottom which probably means it has been on the bottom of the ocean for a long time.
Anyways you know anything let me know thanks!!!!

Ps.bottom side is smooth and top side is rough.
Looks like a "Shark vertebra"
Any other ideas??????
Shark vertebraeis a very good answer but normally  they are not so flat and thin no of the ones i see are anyways.
Also on the shark vertebrae it only looks like one side of this.
What about the other side which has the deep grooves covering the whole top.!!!
Anyone plz help!!!!!!!!!
ok about the optique...but when you touch it, you feel a stone, a bone, calcium like a shell ?
Where you found it ?
toss up between bone and shell little pinholes on side make me think bone.
also what do you mean optique???
My g/f found it when we were on port hood beach which is located in cape breton N.S. Canada.