Full Version: Shell ID Please
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This shell did not come from the shore, but found randomly in a parking lot. I am from Connecticut and I doubt this is a native species.

[Image: 13985407252_80efef4b8a_o.jpg]

[Image: 13965507656_d63ed5c1c7_o.jpg]
Hi Mike,

You are right, this fellow didn't come from Connecticut.  It lives in the indian Ocean and nearby areas.  It's scientific name is Tibia insulaechorab.  The specimen you found is pretty beat up, which tends to happen when shells hang around parking lots.  Here's what it looks like in prime condition:

Your specimen is rather small, and probably immature, so it probably had not yet developed the finger-like projections on the lip. This species often appears in shell baskets sold at tourist shops, which is probably the origin of this one.
Thank you for the quick reply.