Full Version: Need cone help!
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Howdy Folks!

Jenny and I are new to the forum.  We are organizing our collection, and have not been able to identify this cone. It is 38 mm long...have no clue of locale or data details.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff and Jenny
Hi Folks,  Welcome to the forum.  This is Conus spectrum.
Thanks Paul.  If that is the case, I believe I purchased that one from you 10 years ago, from Keppel Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Here is one more that needs an ID:

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Thanks so much
Jeff and Jenny
That looks to me like Conus amadis.
Thanks for the help, Dave. 
Does resemble Conus amadis, but it's a very unusual pattern, and the shell seems rather short and wide for amadis.  I would check out Conus malacanus as well.
That makes sense.  I did have a malacanus unaccounted for.... from India.  Thanks again, Paul.
The first one is indeed the Australian form of Conus spectrum. The second one is Conus malacanus!

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