Full Version: Next version of Seashell-Collector coming soon... need your ideas...
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Dear all Shell Lovers and visitors,

As you probably noticed, there is a lack of updates at seashell-collectors' website. The reason is that we are actually working on the next version. It will be very different and much more powerful. It will be dynamic. The forum will be imported also and one login for everything. I apologize for the lack of new articles but all energy is at work... <img src="images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="" border="0" />

I would like tu use this topic to gather any ideas you have concerning the next version.

So If you like to submit any idea, I'll be glad to implement it in this new website.

Happy Shelling,
Hey David, that sounds really exciting, I look forward to it.
I have one suggestion you could maybe give some thought to. On one of the insect fora I belong to there is a page for people to post their experiences, good and bad, with dealers. This helps to
a. Notify collectors of rogue dealers who will take your money and run or send poor quality material etc.
b. Show the opposite side, tell everyone of your good experiences and dealers you can recommend. I have noticed a few posts here doing just that so it could be possibly worth thinking about?