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<span style="color: #d42a00;">[couleur=#ff0000]Dear all shellcollectors !</span>
Does someboby have experience with "<i>ultra sonic-cleaning machine </i>" for removing deposits and calcareous encrustation on shells ?
Thank you in advance for your reply.[/couleur][quote][g] <img src="images/icones/icon4.gif" alt="images/icones/icon4.gif" style="border:0" /> [/couleur][couleur=#00000e]<font size="4;"></font>
I have not personally but if you visit the Femorale website they have an advert for one with videos of it in action.
Thank you Dave !
This is the first article i'm reading about this processing.
Merci ! !
They look to be very good, I wish I could afford one!
I found out , this machines are usde for elimination of dental calculus and i have seen 1 for 371.00 € . I'm looking for a saler in europa ( transportcost )
Yes, I have seen them used in dentistry here. I have found cheaper ones from China etc. but they usually have a minimum order quantity of 10 or so, way beyond my means! Try Google and see what you get.
You can remove it by hand . Too much labourious but the effect becomes the same + the satisfaction of a well done job .

Start to put some vinager on it and then with a steel instrument start to take of the calcareous .

I have done it in several occasions and it worked perfectly fine without shell demage .

Kind regards

pilsbryi with an "i" like the Latiaxis :-)
I agree Jose but have you seen the video? it does it in a fraction of the time with very little efort.
I personally use bleach, dental picks and a Dremmel with dental drills and it takes ages to clean a Murex! I would rather use the ultrasonic scaler.
I used one of those ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and it did an INCREDIBLE job cleaning shells.
I also one of those to clean dirt off of shells and it works well, but they will not remove coralline or calcium deposits like an ultrasonic scaler will.
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