Full Version: I just need to let a few people know.......
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Hi!! I just want Jan to know that I've been shelling away and have those 4 pounds of shells for you if you'd like. First though, there's not a big variety like there would be if I had my collection in front of me, but there's still a good amount of shells. Also things like calcium, etc, I'm not able to get off as I don't have my dremel, or even a pick with me. If you'd like them I'd be happy to send them. The same goes for you Alex. I haven't got any more packages yet but I did have my mail forwarded here. If you don't want these, that's fine too. I just need to know what I'm packing to take back to my area and what I'm sending to people. And I'm still interested in trading wih Guillermo as well. Pkinnyd@yahoo,com