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Dear malacologists.

Caution is needed when a shell dealer from Cameroon offer you shells for sale. I bought a set of Achatinas and the package was never delivered.

This is the email address of the swindler:
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The name who this person uses is Chantal Lucy.

Please ask for photos of shells and never pay before they arrive home.  <span class="petit">--Last edited by malacologo on 2008-10-28 17:17:47 --</span>
It is unfortunate, but I will never deal with dealers/collectors from Africa...too many of my shell friends have been ripped off by them.  I prefer shells first, then I send money!
Same here!
It is the same with my other hobby, insects. They offer you all kinds of goodies but never come up with the goods. If you pay first you have lost your money. Always ask for the specimens up front, then pay if you are satisfied. You can usually tell the scammers as they will stop corresponding when you tell them this.
Users of the forum should be able to post feedback on collectors listed in the database.
A pity that there are so many dishonest contacts in Cameroon. In fact I only had good experiences with only one of them...
Thanks for your nice post.